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28 November 2009 @ 08:16 pm
it has been ages since I posted.
Many people removed me from their friend lists, i just found out.
Haven't touched this account for... whut, 3 YEARS?
I'm all grown up now, and I found out that I have such bad english in the past. or common sense. or title choosing. gahh.
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01 September 2006 @ 09:51 pm
Hi everyone,
Sorry for not updating much. i have a fever after the japan trip, haha. actually im not allowed to use the computer, currently i am using this computer secretly i tried to make an effort to post journal entries.. and i did.
My siblings did not discover this secret, last but not the least my parents. haha.. :)
Just sorry to my friends, SORRY for not updating much. VERY SORRY. sometimes its just... haha.. :)
Fever Degree 38.0 .... haha... :)
its not a big matter right?
Tell all of you a secret. :)
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A better fever, eh?
31 August 2006 @ 10:15 pm

I haven't been updating this journal for a while. Stupid me. Stupid.
Sometimes im in Japan i see a some people playing with sakura (cherry blossom) Flower.
I wish to be like them sometimes, Free and always smiling.....
26 August 2006 @ 12:54 pm
Hi everyone,
i will not be comtinuing updating this journal. My new site is http://fated-anime.blue-serenity.net/ and it is a fanlisting for anime. you can join if you want to. i added my fav friends in LJ: 5pristinepetals,miss_novacaine,syllabic_virus, truthseeker48 to my affiliate list. hope you will put a link back to http://fated-anime.blue-serenity.net/ too,

Hope you will JOIN the fanlisting!:)
15 August 2006 @ 05:52 pm

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Welcome to lovelyxdream, A friends-only journal by me, Starfire. im a very straight forward girl (That's why in real life people usually hang around with me)what i usually do is to upload songs or/and help people do graphics and more.
But, a very BIG sorry to sakuraxkinomoto, because after today, i've got to go to Toyko (Japan) to learn Japanese language. My damn mother is so damny! she forced me to study there. Oh my god, for 1 month! how am i going to survive??????????? i can't do without livejournal. i can't!So,comment on this post and add me. I'll add you back! Or, you can just add me and I'll eventually add you back when I get a chance. Do not miss the chance!
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